Jan 31, 2009

Boycott Stella D'oro

Today I rallied against the Stella D'oro Biscuit Factory in support of the 135 workers on strike. The workers have been on strike since August 13, 2008. The company, Brynwood Partners, is refusing to negotiate and demanding the workers come back to work with no contract!

This is capitalism at it's finest. Here are the issues that the workers are striking against:

Wage reductions of up to 25%
Rediculous health insurance premiums
Elimination of holidays, vacations, sick pay & current pensionElimination of extra pay for working Saturdays

After Gathering at 238th & Broadway outside of the Stella D'oro Factory we marched down Broadway, chanting and shouting in unity. At 225th we stopped and several supporters and strikers spoke out about the situation. I can't help but feel proud about yelling and shaking my fists in the face of wrong-doing. I hope to see a victory for the strikers soon. Until then, you can do your part to help by boycotting all Stella D'oro products found at your local grocery stores.

More info about the Strike can be found here: http://www.stelladorostrike2008.com/

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