Oct 2, 2008

"TV Room""

I can remember when I was younger, my grandparents would sometimes refer to the living room as the "TV room". I suppose it's because they lived through the time when the television was an incredible new invention - physical proof of the day's technology which you, as an American can purchase. (Enter brainwashing front and center) I wonder if they had any idea how much time they'd spend staring into that box; autistic expressions over their faces as they faded away into mindlessness.


Seinberg said...

Wow, this one turned out really nice. That's a really interesting purple color behind the TV - I like it. The composition is also a little puzzling, with it sitting in front of the bathroom. Lots of bizarre associations can be made that I won't put in writing. The reflection in the bathroom mirror is also pretty neat.

Seinberg said...

In fact dude, the more I look at this image the more interesting it becomes. This composition has a lot of depth and complexity. Good stuff.

Mike said...

I have thought about your comments for 4 years, 3 months and 4 days and my reply is: Thanks! haha