Dec 25, 2007

I am a stirring creature.

Merry Christmas! It's 3:50am on Christmas morning and I am not tucked into bed. Consequently there aren't any visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I'm quite lucid.

There's just so much going on these days that I'm excited about. I'm eager to watch my girlfriend open her gifts but I'm also excited about the RCF's retrospective show in NYC. We'll be off to Manhattan to enjoy the fruits of a year's labor/preparation. Going, to NYC, in general is always excites me. I've polished up my lenses and am stoked to take my 19-35mm with me on this trip.

I think this blog post has helped calm my racing mind. I'm headed back to bed. I'll leave you with this random photo taken a few weeks ago in an old rubber factory.

Hope you all made the Good list,

1 comment:

zeytin said...

Nice pic, hope you enjoyed your holiday celebration. I was also up late though for different reason. I was wrapping presents for nephews and neices until 2am.