Mar 21, 2007

Ahh.... dirt at last...

I’ve been in much need of a good romp through some twisty-turny singletrack, these past few weeks, so yesterday I hit Loch Raven Reservoir. Despite the many months spent off the bike, my face developed a perma-grin as soon as my knobbies made contact with dirt. I settled into a slow, albeit comfy, rhythm and steadily turned the cranks as I dodged rocks, hopped logs and leaned through tight turns. My elbows brushed budding saplings and sappy pine bark while I pushed the limits of the rubber lugs on my tires. What a rush!

I made a lot of stops, (“tea parties” as my old riding clan would call them) to pull out the Nikon and snap a few pictures and take in the sights. I felt like a million bucks straddling my cross bike in the golden rays of an early spring sunset. Below are some images from the ride.

- Mike

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