Feb 3, 2007

Graffiti Warehouse...

This morning I snuck into another abandoned warehouse on the SW side of Bmore. After bushwacking along a river bank and hiking down some railroad tracks, I ducked inside a conveyer shaft and crawled up inside the warehouse. Let me tell you: climbing up the rusty rollers of a conveyer shaft isn't as fun as it sounds. (but yes, it was fun)

When I got inside I found the warehouse completely empty. No neglected machinery, or traces of any type of work. Just empty space. Every wall was covered in tags so I took a bunch of photos while I explored. Just outside was the hum of tractor engines and murmer of voices. Somebody was working on a truck.

Just as I was about to climb a ladder to the 2nd floor I happened to glimpse over my right shoulder and make direct eye contact with a man in full Carhardt gear. Our eyes connected across the expanse of 2 warehouse floors through perfectly aligned open doors. Not knowing exactly what to do; I waved. This got me no response so I walked casually out of view and then ran back to the conveyer shaft and shimmied out of the structure. I had to cut it short today, but it's better to be safe than sorry... or in Central Booking.

- Mike

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