Feb 18, 2007

Fort Armistead.

This morning, in the snow & ice, I crawled through the tunnels of Fort Armistead which is located at the west end of the Key Bridge. It’s abandoned but definitely not unfrequented. This is a pretty creepy place to be crawling through. I was definitely not alone today and at one point heard people talking about my foot prints in the snow, just outside of a tunnel where I was set up inside, taking photos. Hearing them talk just 20’ away, I quietly packed my gear, ventured deeper into the tunnels and went lights-out for a few minutes. It was clear that they weren’t coming in after me and it worked to my benefit as I found a new area to set up and play.

The lack of light inside the tunnels made it very hard to photograph. I was forced to light my exposures with that of my Mag light. Waving it across the area I was photographing while the Nikon’s shutter was open.

The inside of the tunnels were completely covered in graffiti to include some satanic symbols and various other creepy things like swastikas & 666’s. Of all the bizarre things I saw inside, the craziest was a Mossberg shotgun box belonging to
this model. And it wasn’t until I got home that a friend sent me this link. Hind sight’s 20-20 right?

I’m a ninja. Here are my photos from today…

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