Sep 6, 2006

Saturday & Sunday at Loch Raven Reservoir

I spent Saturday and Sunday in the woods. Saturday morning Mike Hoffman and I rolled the cross bikes up to Loch Raven and enjoyed some sloppy singletrack. (It had been raining for about 24hours solid) It was pretty tricky riding a lot of sections that were laced with greasy roots and slippery rocks but we managed to keep the bikes upright and even carried some decent speed.
Sunday I went back alone. The trails were perfect. Nice and tacky. Some sections were already dried out but the majority of the trail was pretty lush. 

Above: Some parts of Loch Raven is like riding in the rain forest.

I rarely ride trails with my ear phones in but I was feeling in the mood to roost some singletrack while I listened to some bassy hippity hop music so I did. All was fine and dandy. I was flying over logs, slaloming through saplings, hopping into descents and all the while mumbling segments of Outkast here and there. Talk about flow... man was I ever flowing. Yes, you could even say I was "more Mac than Kraft" as I blasted through the singletrack. ... until I tried to skid under this low bridge and was yanked right off the bike. That hurt. ... a lot.
Above: This is where my flow came to an abrupt stop.
- Mike

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