Aug 19, 2006

Patapsco Cross Ride Report.

Mike Hoffman, Chris Nystrom, Sean Pfaff and myself had a great ride at Patapsco this morning. Mike rolled down to my place and we pedaled out of midtown and over to Patapsco Park. There we met Chris & Sean and set out blazing some sweet, dusty-dry, singletrack. Honestly, the trails were perfect today. Not only did we ride all over Patapsco, but into Rockburn Park as well for a quick jaunt around Nystrom's cross practice loop (which is perfect).

Above: The trails were dry dry dry.

If I had to guess, I'd say we rode close to 13 or 14 miles of singletrack today. Not sure exactly. My dog's are barkin' though (read: I'm pretty beat).
Above: A shot of Sean swingin' down the trail.

I flatted 3 times today. Chis had one flat. Mike had a nasty, loud fart. Sean... lost his glasses, but then found them again. What else is noteworthy.... oh Chris cheated death with a spectacular dismount & run out. He crashed but was able to keep his legs moving and didn't end up in this pile of pointy rocks (or wrapped around the rusted iron trusses of a nearby bridge). That was amazing Chris!
Above: Chris fixing his flat.

Looking forward to another good ride. Less flats would be nice, but I won't bitch.
- Mike

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