Aug 29, 2006


Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Chicago to help her little sister find a place to live for her third year of college in the windy city. We had a great time; Chicago is beautiful. The elevated train system is the best I've ever traveled on; you can go anywhere... literally. Below are a few pictures from our trip.

The buildings in Chicago are beautiful. They're much more detailed than the ones here in Baltimore and far taller.
We stopped in the Hershey's Chocolate store and satisfied our taste buds.
Chicago is amazingly bike friendly. We rented a couple of beach cruisers and had a great time rolling around.
Somewhere in Chicago; a baby is whaling. You find the strangest thing in subway stops.

"The Bean" as everyone calls it. Is actually a polished stainless steel sculpture called "Cloud Gate" designed by Anish Kapoor. 

- Mike

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