Jul 17, 2006

I'll be in NYC this coming weekend.

Mission: To take as many photos as possible with my .35mm film camera (and DSLR).

Check list:

  • .35mm SLR Pentax K1000
  • Nikon D1 Digital SLR
  • Bianchi track bike (for optimal mobilization)
  • Mini disk player (loaeded with various tunes for the bus ride)
  • Celly phone
  • Map
  • One set of spare clothes in case it rains:

    • One pair undies
    • One pair socks
    • One pair shants
    • One t-shirt
    I plan on staying with good friends of ours in the Bronx saturday night and heading back to Baltimore on Sunday evening. Should be good fun!

    Here are some random NYC pics taken the last time I was there in December '05.

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