Jun 9, 2006

My first Photography class.

I signed up to take a very basic, beginners, class at MICA. I'm taking Foundations of Photography. Last night was my first class and man I'm stoked about this class. It's going to be all about black & white film photography dealing only with available light. So, most of my photos will probably be outside, but who knows. I was really stoked to finally be able to wrap my head around some things that I'd always only kinda' sorta' knew about. (relationships between f/stops, shutter speeds & film speeds) I've got a good understanding of it now, but we'll see how well I can use that understanding when it comes time to take pictures. I am hearby surrendering my digital cameras and will be using nothing other than a fully manual Pentax K-1000 SLR. Wish me luck!

Oh, I should also mention that I learned about this awesome photographer Abelardo Morell. He has a whole series of Camera Obscura photos where he basically would rent a room, and black out all the light coming through the windows except for a very small hole; essentially turning the whole room into a pin hole camera... then he'd use his large format camera to photograph what was projected onto the walls through that pin hole (lens) via a very long exposure (hours). Pretty rad eh?


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