Jun 29, 2006

Dream Shants...

Last night, at H&M, I bought a pair of shants. (very long shorts/very short pants.... "manpris" if you must) In my opinion, Shants are, by far, the most comfortable riding wear there is. I don't like riding around town in shorts and I got sick of rolling my pant legs to keep them from being eaten by Mr.48T up front.

Up until last night, my shants were always of the home-made variety; regular ol' pants with about 8" of the bottoms hacked off. I actually spent money on a pair of these last night, except they were hemmed. Ooooh... fancy!

Buying shants made me wish that I had the means to design and produce a pair myself. Chrome makes a very cool pair of knickers but they still don't have what I think a good pair of shants needs to make it in the urban world of messenging and all day city riding: My life.

So, click the image and see what I think the Ultimate Urban Riding Shant should be.


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