Feb 11, 2006

Finally caught that cold...

So, yeah, I finally caught that cold that was going around. Sucks. I was amazed that I wasn't contracting this cold from my girlfriend who had it all last week. I guess it really was too good to be true. At any rate, yeah, I'm sick.

So, it's been a pretty boring day here. Feelin' like pooh, loafing around, playing Call of Duty on the PC. I did make some great eggs this morning. Do your egg cartons pay you compliments? Mine did this morning. (see photo) Not a lot of excitement going on here in Mt.Vernon today. I've been killing Nazi's and downing cup after cup of tea, listening to the Dead Milkmen, burning minidisks full of music so I'll have some new commute tunes... It's snowing pretty good now... that's nice. Think I'll rent a movie tonight. I need some soup.

"good morning beautiful!" ... awe shucks, I think I'll eat 3 of you.

... so tasty.

Eggs on Thomas' English muffins & a large glass of cran-grape juice... can't go wrong.


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denS said...

I heard Linda chuckle...."What is it Lin?"...."Did you read Mike's blog yet?"...."No."
Get well soon. Fun Eggs you guys get... My eggs fell on the floor 3 days ago...one broke.