Jan 1, 2006

The Year 2006!

Happy New Years! Hope 2006 starts out good and ends up great for you all.

For New Years Eve, my girlfriend and I spent it at the Movies. We went to the Muvico24 Theatre at Arundel Mills Mall and watched The Chronicles of Narnia, ate at Du Claw and then watched King Kong. Both awesome movies. I think I liked Narnia better...
I had a great time walking around Arundel Mills Mall. They had some really cool stuff there. Including a game that all the kids loved. - In the middle of one of the walkways in the mall was a pad upon which, games were projected. One game looked a lot like Air Hockey and you could actually "kick" the projected puck around the projected rink.
Here are two short video clips of this action:
Clip 1 (Quicktime .MOV)
Clip 2 (Quicktime .MOV)
I think next year we may do the same thing. Double movies, maybe even triple movies on New Years Eve would be great!

If you see The Chronicles of Narnia, make sure you stay for the ending credits... a lot of people missed some bonus footage.

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Yuri said...

"kill you television"
"ride your bike"

can't say it much better than that.
happy new year.