Dec 19, 2005

Merry Christmas.

Susan & Peter's tree.
Merry Christmas Baltimore. I've got a lot to report about, after having a weekend full of tree decorating and Christmas parties; so stay tuned! Browse some NY photos from Last weekend's trip to RI via the Bronx:


Chris said...


sorry we couldn't make the party. we're finally all recovered from the flue now.

hey, we got a new camera for each other for Christmas. canon eos xt digital rebel...digi slr.

it's pretty sweet. i'm doing a lot of reading up on how to use it. should be fun.

merry christmas!

Mike said...

The party was great Chris, we had a good turn out of riders as well as artists who all got along great together.

I think we'll throw another party in the spring; maybe to kick off the road season or something.

Enjoy your Canon! You will love the crispness of your photos :]

Merry Christmas,