Mar 23, 2012

Spinning webs

Driving through dense fog this morning around 7:45, I was forced to pull over at the old church & cemetery on the corner of Butler & Dover roads. Heavy fog floating around the head stones and blossoming apple trees, in the adjacent field looked just too good to pass up with my camera sitting on the seat next to me. So I pulled over and took a wet walk around. Originally, my intentions were to photograph some eery tombstones, but those plans were quickly dashed when I caught site of numerous spider webs glistening with morning dew. The rising sun reflecting through the dew droplets made them pop against the landscape and so I took my time crouching down and snapping photos. In each of the little webbed dwellings was a small spider, one of which is visible in a photo below. It felt great to capture the scene and I drove off with wet sneakers and a grin on my face. I'll get a quick road ride in this morning before headed down to DC for the cherry blossom festival.


Unknown said...

wow man...awesome photos. its cool how the subject matter is normally associated with dark and gloom, but the light makes me see them as mundane - even pleasant to look at

Mike said...

Thanks Chris!